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First Post

I will always anonymize my posts in some ways.  Doing this will allow me the freedom to says whats on my mind.  I have been feeling extra lovey towards my spouse lately and this is what I wrote and sent to her today.  What do you think?

Thoughts about my ***** and why I love you--

I can describe you in one word: fascinating. After first meeting you over 27 years ago, I am still fascinated by you every day. I am fascinated that I feel drawn to you whenever I am near you. The desire to be near you and with you is never-ending. I have never felt that with anyone else. I am fascinated by your beauty. Sometimes, I forget how beautiful you are and feel so lucky when I see an angle of your face that I haven’t seen for a while. I am fascinated that under all that exterior radiance, there is an even more beautiful soul beneath it all. How’s that even possible, I often wonder. You are an astonishing woman, mother, person, and partner. I am fascinated with your desire to help those in need and the joy you get from it. I am fascinated that whenever something challenging, daunting, and overwhelming comes your way, you feel like you can’t do it, and then you just crush it like it was nothing. I am fascinated by your brilliance. You are so bright, and your understanding of the complex is so impressive. I am fascinated that one woman could give birth to the ****** most precious children I have ever seen. The gift of making me a father was the greatest of all, and you did that. ***** I am fascinated with you. Please be mine forever.